Technical explanation: Correlation of the Constellation with the Pyramid field

To clarify our theory, an imaginary matrix of meridians, running from west to east and spaced at intervals of one geographical minute of arc (0º 01’), is drawn across the entire Pyramid field. Our thesis is that the star Capella (Right Ascension: 05h 16.41) correlates with the Pyramid of Seila (31º03 E.), and likewise, that the star ksi Orionis (R.A.: 06h 11.56) correlates with the Step Pyramid of Djoser (31º13 E.). The difference in R.A. amounts to 0h 55.15, which equals 3315 chronological seconds, a total of 0º10’ (ten minutes of arc) in geographical longitude. A difference of one geographical minute of arc therefore equals 331.5 chronological seconds or 0h 05min. 31.5 sec. of Right Ascension.


MeridiansRight Ascension
correlating with the
Correlating star
and the present R.A
(epoch 2000 AD)
3102 3005h 13.55Rigel05h 14.32Abu Rawash
31°0305h 16.41Capella05h 16.41Seila
31°0405h 22.12
31°0605h 33.17Mintaka05h 32.00Gizeh Menkaure
31°0705h 38.49Al Nilam05h 36.12Gizeh Khafre
31°07 30Arneb05h 36.00Letopolis
31°0805h 44.20Al Nitak05h 40.45Gizeh Khufu
31°0905h 49.52Variable star near Betelgeux05h 50.00Zawiyet North Baka
31°09 3005h 52.38Betelgeux05h 55.10Zawiyet South Chaba
31°1005h 55.24Menkalinan05h 59.31Meidum
31°1106h 01.56mu Orionis06h 02.22Abu Gorab
31°12 3006h 10.14nu Orionis06h 07.34Sekhemkhet (Saqqara)
31°1306h 13.00ksi Orionis06h 11.56Djoser (Saqqara)
31°1306h 13.0064 Orionis06h 02.30Dahshur Red Pyr.
31°1306h 13.00x2 Orionis06h 03.55Dahshur Bent Pyr.

Pyramids of Dahshur are located at the intersection of the Ecliptic with the Galactic equator.

At the beginning of the Egyptian Calendar (19 July, 4,242 BC), the planet Mars (God of War) is in conjunction with the star Propus (known as Battle-axe), close to chi Orionis/64 Orionis.

31°1406h 18.32
31°1506h 24.04
31°1606h 29.36
31°1706h 35.08Alhena06h 37.42Memphis and eastwards
31°1806h 40.40
31°18 3006h 43.26Sirius06h 45.00Heliopolis

The minor difference between a meridian and the present R.A. of the relevant star is attributable to the proper motion of the star. The difference is negligible.

Table of stars correlating with the Pyramids of the third and fourth Dynasty, including the necropolis Abu Gorab/Abusir of the fifth Dynasty:

From north to south:

1.Pyramid Abu Rawasjbeta OrionisDjedefre
2.Pyramid Gizehzeta OrionisKhufu
3.Pyramid Gizeheps. OrionisKhafre
4.Pyramid Gizehdelta OrionisMenkaure
5.Pyramid Zawiyet el Aryanvariable starBaka
6.Pyramid Zawiyet el Aryanalpha OrionisChaba
7.Location Abu Gorabmu Orionis5th Dynasty
8.Pyramid Saqqaraksi OrionisDjoser
9.Pyramid Saqqaranu OrionisSekhemkhet
10.Pyramid Dahshur (Red)64 OrionisSnofru
11.Pyramid Dahshur (Bend)x2 OrionisSnofru
12.Pyramid Meidumbeta AurigaeSnofru
13.Pyramid Seilaalpha AurigaeSnofru

Each of the 3 temple cities Memphis (star Alhena), Letopolis (star Arneb) and Heliopolis (star Sirius) correlates with the 3 stars mentioned in brackets. This amounts to a total of 16 parts, mentioned by Plutarch.

Table of stars correlating with the pyramids of the twelfth Dynasty:

Pyr. MazghunaTwo stars above eta Gemini (Propus) close to the EclipticAmenemhat IV/Sobekneferoe
Pyr. el Lisjtchi AurigaeAmenemhat I/Sesostris I
Pyr. Lahunalpha PerseiSesostris II
Pyr. Hawarabeta PerseiAmenemhat III

General remarks:

The Pyramids of the third and fourth Dynasty correlate with stars.

The Mastabas of the first and the Second Dynasty at Saqqara underline the bend between the upper arm and the forearm, symbolically marking the beginning of the ‘strong arm’ = Nekhet.

The sun temples and the site of the Pyramid city of the Fifth Dynasty between Abu Gorab and Abusir (31º11 E.) correlate with mu Orionis. The location 31°11′ E (various buildings) corresponds with mu Orionis. This could mean that the southern pyramid of Zawyet el Aryan (Chaba, Third Dynasty) was a pyramid-annex-observation tower with the same function as the one at Meidum (on the same meridian). For unknown reasons, this function was apparently passed on to the tower of Cercasorus. Further research in this matter is required.

The Pyramids of the sixth Dynasty contribute to the design, yet do not correlate with stars they emphasise the ‘Strong Arm’.

Mazghuna and El Lisht correlate with stars the three remaining pyramids near Dashur complete the hand.

One pyramid at el Lisjt does not correlate with a star.

The Pyramids of Lahun and Hawara represent hypothetical positions and do not show an exact correlation with the stars of Perseus.