Egypt: “Image of Heaven”

Based on the book Sterrenbeeld van Horus, ISBN 90.4390.117.2, publisher Tirion, Baarn
English Edition: Egypt: “Image of Heaven”, ISBN: 1-931882-54-1; publisher Frontier Publishing
Author: Willem H. Zitman © 2000; English Edition © 2006.

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Map of the Complete Pyramid Field, looking from North to South, harmonizing with the view of the Ancient Egyptians.

Clear evidence of the stereographic projection of the starmap on the Pyramid Field:
(see Appendix VIII of Egypt: ‘Image of Heaven’)

Star Alhena of Gemini, magnitude 1.9, correlating with the residence Memphis
Star Sirius of Canis Major, magnitude – 1.50, correlating with the temple of Heliopolis
Star Arneb of Lepus, magnitude 2.6, correlating with the temple of Letopolis

Stylistic Bend representing the elbow of the Strong Arm, correlating with Saqqara
(Egypt: ‘Image of Heaven’, fig.32)

Belt of Orion correlating with the 3 pyramids of Gizeh:
Star Al Nitak, magnitude 1.8, correlating with the pyramid of pharaoh Khufu (Cheops)
Star Al Nilam, magnitude 1.7, correlating with the pyramid of pharaoh Khafre (Chefren)
Star Mintaka, magn. 2.2, correlating with the pyramid of pharaoh Menkaure (Mykerinos)

The following stars are approximate correlating with the pyramids of Meidum and Seila, because the ancient Egyptians did not know the exact declination-circle of undermentioned stars. But the diagram is very clear and illustrative!
Star Menkalinan, magnitude 1.9, the pyramid of Meidum of pharaoh Snofru
Star Capella, magnitude 0.1, the pyramid of Seila of pharaoh Snofru