Can we know the Pattern of the past?

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Yes we can!

The Indication is the ancient hiëroglyph NIWT O49 . The NIWT was the hieroglyph O49 and an image of the nucleus of the Ancient World.
The Homeland ‘Atlantis’ was the heart of the Ancient World. It was the ‘Primeval Hill’ in the midst of the sea, that is a part of the text in The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts §1022, Utterance 484 (R.O.Faulkner).

Osiris lives there….

Osiris dwells in the Primeval Place; his throne is placed upon the Creation Mound, which the deceased now reaches in what he calls ‘this city’ , the seat of God, the Niwt, the Island of Osiris, Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt, p.177 (R.T.Rundle Clark).

Niwt means the harmonic centre of the Universe and Earth.

One diagonal shows the place of the Sun in the Winter solstice for Egypt by sunrise and opposite, the Sun in the Summer solstice for Teotihuacan in Mexico by sunset. The other diagonal shows the Sun in the Summer solstice in Stonehenge in Great Britain by sunrise and opposite, the Sun in the Wintersolstice in Tiahuanaco in Bolivia by sunset.

Make the Past great again!